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Portrait Drawing in Crime Investigation.

The nature of crime is changing every single day. Considering the present scenario, technology has become easily available and accessible to the Criminals in committing the Crime.  Drawing a Portrait of an accused absconding since 10-15 years imagining his or her present condition, identify accused absconding after committing the crime, identify unknown & decomposed body, identifying suspect found in CCTV with blur footage with the use of Portrait and making his statue if needed are the difficult tasks which poses major challenge for Police Investigation. Making portrait of an accused with the available description and the description provided by the witnesses is an important factor in Police investigation of Crime.  

Towards this purpose some Police officers and Policemen who are having such talents, if given training would be of great help for detection of Crime. Recognizing this fact, Shri Atulchandra Kulkarni, Addl Director General of Police, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Maharashtra State has submitted a proposal to Government for creation of a specialized wing called Portrait Building section

Prof. Dr. Girish Anant Charwad has given valuable contribution in this field and has got first Ph.D. in the field of Portrait Drawing in Crime Investigation. Publication of his thesis on the subject was organized at Balgandharva Rang Mandir on 06/11/2019 which was sponsored by Centre for Police Research, Pune.  During this function Shri Atulchandra Kulkarni, Addl. Director General of Police, CID announced that soon a well-equipped specialized wing on this subject would be set up in CID for conducting detailed trainings.  

Accordingly, first Portrait Building Section has been set up in CID for Police Officers and Policemen which was recently inaugurated by Shri S. K. Jaiswal, Director General of Police (DGP), Maharashtra State on 06/07/2020.  On this occasion Hon’ble DGP wholeheartedly welcomed this project and suggested that at least five such trained personnel should be available in Crime Branch of each Unit along with establishing a well-equipped Portrait Building Section.

About 40-50 Policemen have shown their willingness to undergo this training in Portrait drawing.  In the backdrop of Covid-19 situation, a five day basic training course for ten trainees has been organized.  Making available trained men to draw Portraits of Criminals in the state is the motive behind this training.  Shri Atulchandra Kulkarni, Addl. Director General of Police, CID expressed that identifying Criminals would be a great challenge in future and this specialized section imparting training on drawing such Portraits would be of great importance with relevance.

Course contents would be on the basis of contribution and study conducted by Prof. Dr. Girish Anant Charwad.  Drawing a portrait on the basis of available description is a very challenging task and Dr. Charwad has made his services available to the department for 27 long years without any expectation. With his portraits, Police were successful in arresting criminals involved offences like Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery, Dacoity, Rape etc. and they were convicted with punishments like Hanging to Death and Life Imprisonment etc. Hon’ble Court has also accepted Portrait as an important evidence.

Prof. Dr. Charwad will give lectures in all such trainings organized by CID.  Trainees upon completing this training successfully would be given a certificate by Pune University for which Vice Chancellor of Pune University Dr. Nitin Karmalkar has consented and soon a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) would be done. Similarly, discussions were also held with Dr. Manikrao Salunke, Vice Chancellor, Bharti International University and through an MOU the services of Dr. Charwad as a trainer would be rendered.  Moreover, Shri Siddharth Jabde, Vice Chancellor of Vishwakarma University has consented for inclusion of Virtual Reality Technique and another MOU would also be signed in this regard.

For this inaugural function Shri Pravin Salunke, Spl. Inspector General of Police (Crime-West) CID, Shri F.K.Patil, Spl. Inspector General of Police, (Crime-East) CID, Dr Jalinder Supekar, Deputy Inspector General of Police EOW CID, Shri Rakesh Kalasagar, Superintendent of Police (Technical Services) CID and other officers of CID were present. Smt. Anuja Deshmane, Dy. Supdt. Of Police CID, gave the introductory speech about the programme and Shri Rakesh Kalasagar gave the concluding thanksgiving speech.

Written on 10 Jul 2020


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