Tips to Citizens - Cyber Crime Offences


  • Ensure to always use original software bought from the authorized vendor.
  • Ensure to update anti-virus and other security software periodically.
  • Ensure to take all removable devices like discs, pen drives and portable hard disks in proper custody and periodically check for the same.
  • Ensure to get the maintenance and repair done by the authorized and reliable agency to eliminate the possibility of data stealing or system manipulation.
  • Ensure to delete junk or suspicious emails rather than forwarding.
  • Ensure to load software in mobile and laptops to remotely delete or safeguard data in case of stolen.


  • Never let any unauthorized person to operate your computer or mobile. 
  • Never share your password, not even with your friends or colleagues. 
  • Never visit pornographic or gaming websites as these are the prime resources for intruders to break into your system.
  • Never share your debit or credit card, particularly the CVV, with anyone.
  • Never use a link from an email or another website to log into your internet banking account.
  • Never use Internet Banking at public networks, shared PCs and Cyber cafes.

Tips to Citizens - Economical Offences


  • Ensure that the company seeking money/investment/deposit from public is authorised to do so by a regulator like RBI, SEBI etc.
  • Deal only with authorised representative of the company seeking investment/deposits.
  • NBFCs are specifically permitted by RBI to collect deposits from public and public limited companies can collect deposits from public after satisfying certain conditions.
  • Collective investment schemes inviting funds from public promising future delivery of articles such as plot/trees etc. or profile can be launched only by collective investment management companies registered with SEBI.
  • Issue of shares, preference shares, debentures by companies is regulated by SEBI .
  • Be sure to collect proper receipts of the money deposited /invested with the details of the schemes mentioned thereon.
  • Before depositing your hard earned money into any schemes, be sure that payment is from actual business and not from the money collected from new members.
  • Ensure that the company seeking money from you is genuine and is doing real business.
  • Prior to purchase of land/flat from any private builders/ real estate firm, ensure it’s credential, verify the right, title of the land.


  • Don’t part with bank account No. /ATM Pin No. /PAN card No. etc over phone to any strangers.
  • Unincorporated bodies like individuals, proprietorship and partnership concerns, trusts etc. are prohibited from seeking public deposits.
  • Do not get lured by online schemes seeking deposits and promising high returns of gifts
  • Never pay in advance in the name of processing fees to receive a future loan.
  • No company can offer more than 12.5 % interest on deposits. Promise of higher returns means high risk.


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