Shri. Prashant S Burde

I am delighted to present to you the official website of Maharashtra, State Crime Investigation Department (CID) in its revamped and updated form. CID which was established in 1905, is a premier investigation agency of Maharashtra State and has been undertaking serious, sensational and complicated investigations including economic frauds. These are entrusted to CID from time to time by the State Govt., the Higher Courts and DGP Maharashtra. Moreover, State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) is an important division of CID which maintains important data and statistics pertaining to crime and criminals for the whole State. This division also houses Finger Print Bureau (FPB) and The Documents Examinations Bureau rendering valuable assistance in investigation.
Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) is an ambitious project of Govt. of India and CID is the nodal agency for its implementation in Maharashtra. Most important component of the CCTNS, is its Citizen's Portal. This Portal offers 9 services to the citizens namely, 1) Missing Persons, 2) Unidentified Dead Body, 3) Crime in Maharashtra, 4) Published FIRs, 5) Websites of Maharashtra Police Units, 6) Absconding Persons, 7) Arrested Persons, 8) Mobile Lost Form, | 9) Downloads, are available without registration and 12 more services like 1) E-Complaint, 2) Status of Complaint, 3) Citizen Information, 4) Feedback of Citizens, 5) Tenant/Paying Guest (PG) Verification, 6) Character Certificate Request, 7) Programme Permissions, 8) Protest/Strike Request, 9) Procession Request, 10) Employee Verification, 11) Maidservant Verification, 12) C-Form, 13) Vehicle Information, 14) Ganesh Festival Permission and 15) Navratri Festival Permission, are available after registration on this Portal. Moreover, a) details of Leave and Licence Agreements pertaining to IGR and b) CCTV of Mum ai, Pune and Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerates has been integrated with the CCTNS for quick search of Missing Persons and Stolen vehicles, among other things.
I am delighted to present to the citizens the fully revamped and updated website of the CID which envisages providing optimal transparency and clarity about the role of CID. Special efforts have been made to provide maximum information about CID branche and their functioning. New ‘Flash’ Section has been incorporated in this website and increased safety features have been built which will be beneficial to the users for the quick results.
I hope that this revamped CID website will be useful to all the users and will certainly provide valuable information. Any feedback or suggestions for
its improvement are most welcome Jai Hind ! Shri. Prashant S Burde
Addl. Director General of Police, CID, MS, Pune.